What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear “Italy”?

Most of you might think of a Pizza and Pasta, right?

For all Italian cuisine lovers here comes ECCO!



ECCO Pizza & Pasta is a brand new franchising concept, filled with Italian tradition, born with the core aim of spreading a little bit of Italy all over the world.

Our keyword is PASSION and being ambassadors of the Italian gastronomic culture is our MISSION. Because we are tied to our land, its genuine products and traditions and to the atmosphere and beauty of our beloved country.


Ecco Pizza & Pasta is a dream come true thanks to the collaboration with Padiglione Italia for Expo Milano 2015. Collaboration born with the aim of exporting the concept of Mediterranean diet abroad and promoting the great tradition of Italian agro-food. A combination, that one of pizza and pasta, known all over the world, which is the foundation of the Italian diet e culture.


Our mission is built on the authenticity of our ingredients and products: the best raw materials are selected and imported directly from Italy and then turned into magic by our professional and passionate team of chefs.

ECCO is a place that feels like HOME, perfect for a quick lunch, a romanitic date or a pleasant dinner with friends or family. Eating at ECCO will be like enjoying a meal in Italy, in a colorful, welcoming and joyful atmosfhere.


Buon Appetito and enjoy your culinary journey to Italy!

Pizza – a name that brings water to everyone’s mouth!


.It’s without any doubt one of the most popular dishes in the modern world: everybody is passionate about pizza. Symbol of Italianness, tradition and conviviality.


The true story of pizza Margherita dates back the 19th century: Raffaele Esposito, the most famous Neapolitan pizza-maker at that time, was commissioned to bake a pizza for Queen Margherita and her husband, King Umberto I.


According to the legend, willing to impress the queen, he prepared three types of condiments: the classic focaccia with lard, cheese and basil; the marinara with oregano, garlic and tomato; and the last variant with mozzarella, fresh basil and tomato to symbolize the colors of the Italian flag. It was precisely called pizza Margherita in honor of the Queen, who proved to like it a lot.


Today the pizza has become the icon of the quality and genuineness of Italian street food and here at Ecco Pizza & Pasta we pride ourselves in making the real and authentic Neapolitan pizza.



- DUBAi -


Get your favourite Ecco’s dishes delivered at your doorstep!





Or you can call us at:

+971 4 240 7100

+971 42696226

Dubai Marina

Mercato Mall

+971 4 240 7100

+971 42696226

Mercato Mall

Dubai Marina


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