Terms and Conditions for ECCO Pizza&Pasta Online Services

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully and understand these terms and conditions (“terms”). This may contain limitations on ECCO Pizza&Pasta’s liability and other provisions that affect legal rights.

By downloading, logging in or using our website, mobile apps, email newsletters and subscriptions, and other digital properties on which these terms are posted or referenced (together, “online services”), users are entering into a binding agreement with Cappuccini Italiani Restaurant and Café LLC (“ECCO Pizza&Pasta”, “ECCO”, “we” or “us”) in the United Arab Emirates which we control and operates from our main office in Dubai, UAE.

Please also review our Privacy Statement which describes how we use and share the information.

The online services are not advisable to be used by, or intended to, anyone under the age of 16. Users must be at least 16 years old to use the online services. Users at least 16 but under 18 years old (or the legal age of majority if different in your jurisdiction), must review these terms with a parent or guardian and must understand and agree to these terms in order to use the online services.

Any user or parent or guardian who do not agree to these terms, must immediately stop using the online services and request ECCO to suspend and terminate all the online services account. Users can request account suspension and termination by sending an email to eccopizzaepasta@ep-cfm.com , please include the email address of the account that you want to terminate.

  1. About the Online Services

Availability: ECCO Pizza&Pasta’s products and services are available in UAE Branch.

Following the rules of the road: Whenever you use the online services, you must follow the rules of the road and all applicable rules and regulations. DO NOT USE ANY ONLINE SERVICES WHILST DRIVING OR WHILST BEHIND THE WHEEL OR CONTROLS OF A VEHICLE THAT IS MOVING OR NOT IN “PARK”. In the interest of safety at all times, you should only use the online services when it is lawful and safe to do so.

Users responsible for their personal devices asnd accounts. Users are responsible for any devices, software and services needed to use the online services. ECCO does not guarantee that the online services will fully function on any particular device or with any particular software. Users are also responsible for any messaging and data charges, fees and taxes for the use of the online services, including when ECCO communicate by text, email or other means that user prefer. Users may only use the online services with devices that they own or control and using only the authorized operating system (e.g., Apple iPhone OS for Apple devices). If user create an online services account, they are responsible for keeping their account secure and for all activity under their account. Users can only activate one online services account and must keep their account information accurate at all times.

ECCO Pizza&Pasta reserves their right to update or terminate the online services terms and conditions. Users hereby understand and has given their consent, that with or without notice – ECCO may update, modify or terminate the online services or user’s access to them from time to time, including by pushing updates to or removing functionality or access from any ECCO mobile app that users have installed on their device.

Updates to these Terms: ECCO Pizza&Pasta may update any of  these terms at any time and at its sole discretion. If ECCO makes material changes to the terms, we will notify users by any reasonable means such as by posting the new terms in the online service. If any users disagree to the changed terms, then they must immediately stop using the online services and request ECCO to suspend and terminate any online services account that they have created. For account suspension and termination, please email us at eccopizzaepasta@ep-cfm.com

Contact us: For any questions, comments and/or suggestions regarding the online services, please call/message (see Contact Us for landline and whatsapp details) or drop an email to eccopizzaepasta@ep-cfm.com,

(United Arab Emirates)

Updated policy: [02 AUGUST 2022]